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Welcome to the Quality Hobby Shop, where you can build your dreams !


  Academy Air
  Academy Land


  AMT Aircraft
  AMT Classic Cars
  AMT Extreme Cars
  AMT Hot Rods
  AMT Misc.
  AMT Muscle Cars
  AMT Race Cars
  AMT Sci-fi / Space
  AMT Street Cars
  AMT SUVs / Vans
  AMT Trucks


  Atlas Books and Plans
  Atlas HO Scenery
  Atlas HO Track
  Atlas N Scenery
  Atlas N Track
  Atlas Tools/Misc.

Autoworld Diecast

  Autoworld Cars
  Autoworld Trucks

Canadian Creative

  CCI Trees

Estes Rockets

  Estes Launch Sets
  Estes Parts / Tools
  Estes Rocket Kits
  Estes Rocket Kits Bulk

Excel Hobby & Blade

  Excel Blades
  Excel Knives
  Excel Tool Sets
  Excel Tools


  Guillow's Misc.
  Guillow's series 0200
  Guillow's series 0300
  Guillow's series 0400
  Guillow's series 0500
  Guillow's series 0600
  Guillow's series 0700
  Guillow's series 0800
  Guillow's series 0900
  Guillow's series 1000
  Guillow's series 2000

K&S Engineering

  K&S Aluminum
  K&S Brass
  K&S Copper
  K&S Misc.
  K&S Music Wire
  K&S Steel

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We accept credit/debit card/Paypal. Prices in Canadian funds.
We accept credit/debit card/Paypal. Prices in Canadian funds.
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The Quality Hobby Shop carries brand new scale models, hobby items and collectibles from the top names.

Brands We Carry

Revell Monogram - Makers of scale plastic model kits. Including, Motorbikes, Modern Cars, Classic Cars, Hot Rods, Muscle Cars, Donks, Lowriders, Street Cars, Race Cars, Slot Cars, Monster Trucks, Pickups, Engines, Sci-fi / Space, Dinosaurs, Aircraft, Ships and Boat kits.


Revell AG Germany - Makers of scale plastic model kits. Including, Civilian Aircraft, Bombers, Fighters, Helicopters, Military, Armor, Soldiers, Boats, Ships, Cars, Motorcycles, Trucks, Trains and Space kits.


Testors - Makers of paints and scale models. Including, Cars, Trucks, Engines, Motorcycles and Aircraft. Under their various other brands Aztek, Floquil, Pactra and Model Master they also have Airbrushes, Paint Brushes, Tools, Accessories, Decals and other essential modeling supplies.


AMT/MPC/Polar Lights - Makers of scale plastic models, including, Modern Cars, Classic Cars, Hot Rods, Muscle Cars, Street Cars, Race Cars, Trucks, Sci-fi, Star Wars and Star Trek kits.


Lindberg / Hawk - Makers of fine scale models including, Weird-Ohs, Frantics, Silly Surfers, Cars, Trucks, Engines, Ships, Planes, Pirate Pistols, Aliens and other unique kits.


Academy Plastic Models - Makers of scale plastic model kits, including Aircraft, Military, Ships, Cars and Dioramas.


Trumpeter - Makers of scale plastic model Ships, Aircraft, Cars and Military Ground Vehicles.


Minicraft - The Fine Art of Modeling. For over 30 years, Minicraft's mission has been to develop quality model kits at value prices. That tradition continues! Commercial, Military, Private Aviation, Automobiles, Ships, Jigsaw Puzzles, Historical and Educational model kits and accessories.


Estes Industries - has grown to be the leading manufacturer of model rocket kits, engines and accessories in the world. Industry leaders in their fields, Estes will continue to turn kids and adults on to flight with innovative new products that will go FASTER, FURTHER AND HIGHER.


Guillows - YOUR Flying Toy Airplane Headquarters! - your one source for balsa wood airplane kits and flying toys since 1926. From the Fokker triplane to the Sopwith Camel of WWI to the P-51 Mustang and P-38 Lightning of WWII to the modern day F-15 Eagle fighter jet you will find that our balsa airplane models appeal to both the young and the "young at heart". Who doesn't remember those shiny red propellers on his favorite toy airplane!


K & S Engineering - Full Line Metal Specialists - Tubing, Shapes


Sunward Aerospace - produces a line of Wood Kits, Educational Products, Model Rockets, Jet Fighter Model Rockets, parts, and components.


Atlas -"You're on the Right Track...With Atlas" - Makers of Award Winning Model Railroad Products.


Excel Hobby & Blade Corp. - Established in 1988, Excel Hobby Blade Corporation has become one of the leading manufacturers of precision knives, blades and small tools. Excel Hobby Blades are manufactured in the U.S.A. from precision, high-grade steel. All blades are double sharp and double honed and Quality Controlled to provide Hobbyists and Crafters with the finest available.


Mercury Adhesives - Mercury Simply Out Performs. High quality scientifically engineered adhesive solutions, made in the USA with an unconditional replacement guarantee. Mercury has and is changing the way users think about and use adhesives. Mercury products simply out perform ordinary super glues.


Via-Chem Inc. Glue and Adhesives - Manufacturer of Quality Glues, Adhesives, Epoxies, Household Cements, Activators, and self-adhesive clips.

Lindberg / Hawk

  Lindberg Aircraft
  Lindberg Anatomy
  Lindberg Classic Cars
  Lindberg Engines
  Lindberg Hot Rods
  Lindberg Land
  Lindberg Sci-fi / Space
  Lindberg Sea
  Lindberg Trucks

Mercury Adhesives

  Mercury Glue


  Minicraft Aviation
  Minicraft Sea

Revell / AG Germany

  Revell AG Air Bombers
  Revell AG Air Civilian
  Revell AG Air Fighters
  Revell AG Air Helicopters
  Revell AG Air Military
  Revell AG Armor
  Revell AG Cars
  Revell AG Land Civilian
  Revell AG Land Military
  Revell AG Sea Civilian
  Revell AG Sea Military
  Revell AG Soldiers
  Revell AG Space / Sci-fi
  Revell AG Trucks

Revell / Monogram

  Revell Air Bombers
  Revell Air Civilian
  Revell Air Fighters
  Revell Air Helicopters
  Revell Air Military
  Revell Classic Cars
  Revell Engines
  Revell Extreme
  Revell Hot Rods
  Revell Land Military
  Revell Misc.
  Revell Muscle Cars
  Revell Race Cars
  Revell Sea
  Revell Space / Sci-fi
  Revell Street Cars
  Revell SUVs / Vans
  Revell Trucks

Sun Star Diecast

  Sun Star Cars
  Sun Star Trucks

Sunward Aerospace

  Sunward Rocket kits
  Sunward Rocket Parts
  Sunward Wood Kits

Testors / Model Master

  Testors Airbrush Parts
  Testors Airbrushes
  Testors Misc.
  Testors Model kits
  Testors Paint Brushes
  Testors Paint Sets
  Testors Paints Acrylic
  Testors Tools


  Trumpeter Air
  Trumpeter Land

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